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Thanks for checking in with us. In the dark ages of the internet, near to when Google was just starting, Dark Victory Armory was formed and started selling armor on the web. The tools were simpler and means of communication was limited to collecting email addresses for regular emailing. But as technology continues advancing and the age of social networking made more things connected, we have decided to switch to the "pull" model of providing updates by way of facebook. The richer content delivery including pictures and natural distribution seems a better fit. Our group can be found here:

The email Registry is now a means for people to request special projects from us for a unique commission. We love to hear from our customers so do please write!

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Info that we need to keep in touch with you:

1) Email,

2) Name,

3) What did you get/what are you interesting in getting, we do enjoy special projects,

Info that will help us sell more gear (optional but appreciated):

4) How did you hear about Dark Victory?

5) Why did you or are you considering buying our armor - Reputation, Recommendation, East of use Price, Features, Speed?

6) Age?

7) Gender?

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