Catalog of What We Sell was last updated in 2000 so it shows where we were in our third year. We make and sell much more now. -

Complete Set Completely assembled and strapped. Pad it appropriately, get it inspected, and take the field.  Now includes leg belt and extra lacing



Pauldrons with Lames a pair- (shoulders) provide armpit and collarbone protection. Partial rearbrace lames are hung from the pauldron for shoulder joint and upper arm protection.

Chest and Back - has angled side plates for natural body contour. Leather Shoulder straps offer comfort and solid mounting base for pauldrons. Integral hip plates are well placed for optimal coverage.  (Shown with pauldron attached)


Arms - a pair- Solid structure, copper riveted Vambrace and Elbow.  Tough & sturdy forearm & elbow protection


Legs - a pair-  Solid cuise and skillful articulation ensure NO knee gapping. Demi-grieve attached

Demi Gauntlets (also called half gauntlets)-   - Large cuff means great wrist mobility without any safety compromise.  (Street hockey gloves make for easy and effective padding)



-shown without padding-

Neck -  A gorget crafted for comfort, fit, and safety.   It includes an attached lobster tail for added upper spine protection.

An engineering wonder!

Superb Sword Basket -  

        As the rattan is secured by means of two reinforced bolts on the shaft and a wood screw at the haft, you’ll never need to deal with broken hose clamps again..  It is constructed of steel and powder coated to prevent rust. In my opinion this is the best basket on the field. 


The Armored Rose by Tobi Beck (called in the SCA Duchess Elina)  - 

The definitive guide for females interested in Full Contact Tournament and War Style Marshal Arts as practiced by the SCA.   It’s a compellingly useful text while still readable.



Sturdy Duffle Bag - No longer available.

Strong  canvas with shoulder straps.  Fits a standard set of Black Flash Armor with extra room to spare.



Jimmy Hoffa Edition MONSTER duffle bag - No longer available.

Two tough handles and EXCESSIVE room allow you to carry all your gear in one bag.   Measures 24”x28 in folded config or 24” x 45” in standard config. Large enough for your shield too! 










Photo credits to the very skilled Mark Bolton - e-mail







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