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Order Form


Welcome to the Dark Victory Armory ON-LINE order page.  If you’d like to order armor online and pay via the paypal.com service we have installed this spiffy shopping cart for you to use.  Just click on the item you want and it’ll be added to your cart. PLEASE answer the sizing questions.   It’s necessary to give a good fit.










5’ or less





6’5” or more














Bone Structure

Bird Bones

Average Bones

Heavy Bones



Armor - Sold as a Set

Complete Set of Armor Standard size 32”-36” $295

High performance armor that delivers GREAT price/performance.


Sizing modification for  Belly size 38-42 -  includes larger backplate - Additional $15


Sizing modification for Belly size 44-50 -  includes larger breast & back and larger shoulders & longer leather arming belt - Additonal $35


Gender upgrade - $10
This actually will specify a female pattern set that includes NUMEROUS changes from the standard set.  Click here to see the differences.


Options to go with your complete set:

Butt plates (protect your rear from wrap shots) $10


Tassets (protect your upper thigh below breastplate)$10


3/4 greaves (upgrade in shin protection) $10


Leg Doors (guards against wrap shots to thigh) $10


Upgrade Arming Belt to Fleck System (see below) $10



DVA Youth Armor System - contact Jordan for details while we set up the Youth Armor Page


Armor - Sold by the piece


   Standard Breastplate $105  M-L),

Standard Breastplate $105

The Dark Victory Chest is a solid and reliable piece of fighting equipment.


XL 38-42 Belly size Add $10


XXL (belly size 44-50) Add $20


Female pattern Add $10   
Select Cup size


Butt plates Add $10


Tassets Add $10


Shoulders with 3 lames $45

Excellent shoulder, collar bone, and upper arm protection


Larger Pauldrons $10 recommended on XL & larger


Extra pair of lames $10
2 pair is the maximum recommended addition



Vambrace and Elbow    $45    

Medium recommended for female fighters, Large for male

Solid Stucture vanbrace and riveted elbow.



Cuisse, knee, Demi Greave - A pair of legs $75

Medium is the standard size for male fighters. Female fighters usually find the Shorter Cuisse more comfortable.

Protective and light enough to sprint in

Cuisse Length

3/4 greave replacing demi-greave - more shin protection $10


Leg doors - more back/side of leg protection $10



Male - Pair of 1/2 gauntlets $25

Riveted cuff and solid back of the hand protection


    Right hand only $15


    Left hand only $15


Female -  Pair of 1/2 $25 gauntlets (80% of the size of male pattern)


    Right hand only $15


    Left hand only $15



DVA original design gorget, in HPDE:

Youth gorget $20

Smaller gorget $25


Medium Gorget $25



Larger Gorget (neck 19”+) $25


Suede backed Gorget

Brigantine Gorget  $140

 front       back
briggorgetfrontbriggorget back


18 Gauge Stainless Steel Gorget with Lobster Tail, Suede backed  $75.

front       back




Armor Sets    Armor Parts    Helms   Swords   Shields   Belts   Misc

Other Cool Stuff you should buy

Helms and Accessories


Bascinet - 14 Gauge Mild Steel - $145


Bascinet - 14 Gauge Stainless Steel - $195


Extra Large Mk. 7 Bascinet - 14 Gauge Mild Steel with integrated 4 point chin strap - $160


Extra Large Mk. 7 Bascinet- 14 Gauge Stainless Steel with integrated 4 point chin strap- $210


Simple Chin Strap - $5

chinstrapmodelA cleverly designed, simple chin strap with a yard of paracord attached to each side. Effective and easy to mount. Fits all sizes!




single sword thrusting tip $23


greatsword thrusting tip $28



Armor Sets    Armor Parts    Helms   Swords   Shields   Belts   Misc

Sword Parts and Accessories


Pair of Black Powder Coated Sword Baskets left and right $65


Right hand - Powder Coated Sword basket $35


Left hand - Powder Coated Sword Basket  - $35


Pair of Black Baldar Cuphilts $65
(rattan and clamps in photo not included)

These space age material cup hilts have been designed and manufactured specifically for SCA heavy combat. 


Baldar Cuphilt $35

rattanTop quality Manal Rattan - This is the strongest rattan available in the SCA.

36” Sword Length Rattan - $12


3 pack of 36” Sword Length Rattan - $30

* Special * Short Stave of Rattan - $4
Need a short sword, dagger or mace hilt? You will get a short piece of manal rattan (12”-20") for only four bucks. Don't waste another large stave that you can use for something else....

Street Hockey Gloves - $30

Sizes available: Youth, Small, Meduim and Large



Armor Sets    Armor Parts    Helms   Swords   Shields   Belts   Misc

Shield Blanks and Accessories


hiding_behind_an_HDPE_heaterDVA Heater Shield Blank - HPDE plastic - (up to 30” tall x n” wide*) - $20

  (+$7 additional shipping charge)

*n = barrel plastic that I work from will allow quite wide shields however there is the curve to contend with.

(as shown below: 30” x 22”) Please specify shield height and width


Desired Shield Dimensions

DVA Kite Shield Blank - HPDE plastic - ( max 30” x max 22”) - $20

  (+$7 additional shipping charge)

(as shown below: 30” x 16”) Please specify shield height and width


Desired Shield Dimensions

DVA Round Shield blank - HPDE plastic - (approx 23” diameter) - $15

  (+$5 additional shipping charge)

(due to the perimeter flange on these round shields, generally no additoinal edging is required)


Pair of Baldar Shield Bosses - high strength plastic - $65


Baldar Shield Boss - high strength plastic - $35


Baldar Boss Handle - high strength plastic - $12

combo_02Used, for example, when attaching your Baldur shield boss to your shield


Armor Sets    Armor Parts    Helms   Swords   Shields   Belts   Misc

Belts and Harnesses


0 Ring Belt with chrome/steel ring - $20

Superior Quality Leather well sealed. Best Blousing Belt in the Known World.



0 Ring Belt with brass ring - $21

Superior Quality Leather well sealed.  Best Blousing Belt in the Known World.



Fleck System Belt and Shoulder Harness Set with Pouches - $25

This German "peace dividend" product is a great upgrade for use as an arming belt. The quick connect belt (with plenty of grommet holes) and optional shoulder straps are a fast arming alternative for hanging your legs. This system also include 2 pouches (6x6x1 & 4x7x2) AND a haversack (12x10x4) all of which may be attached to the belt.

baldric - image copyright 2005 THM, used with permission

SWAT pouch belt - $5

A low profile nylon web belt with 4 pouches. Handy for stashing your auth card, lunch money, keys. Adjustable from smaller than you need to 46" max


Armor Sets    Armor Parts    Helms   Swords   Shields   Belts   Misc



The Armored Rose - by Tobi Beck - $25

An exceptional text that addresses physiologic & physical differences between male and female fighters.

Perhaps the most authoritative book on the subject of female fighters.


10 feet of Dark Victory 550lb cord - $2


100 feet of Dark Victory 550lb cord - $10


Top Quality Bridle leather arming belt for legs - $15


Duffle Bag - for standard sized armor - $15 OUT OF STOCK


Duffle Bag - J Hoffa Edition - $20 


Dark Victory “Charybdis Quenchmaster 3000”
100 oz. Hydration Pack - $30

Drink system protected by Microban® - antimicrobial technology includes bite valve and insulated drink tube. The back handle makes refills quick and easy. Shoulder straps with chest clip are fully stowable.  Easy access to fill cap.

    (This is an identical model to the BlackHawk HydraStorm Tempest II SKU: 65TE00BK with the exception that it doesn't have a label and we charge $15 bucks less.)

Hydration packs 2

1/2" #9 copper rivets & burrs - 1lb - $24

 perfect for riveting on cloth or leather for disguise/coverage

Copper Rivet

5/8" #9 copper rivets & burrs - 1 lb - $24

Copper Rivet

3/4" #9 copper rivets & burrs - 1 lb - $24

Copper Rivet

British Leather Combat Vest - $22

Moisture resistant zippered leather front with nylon mesh for good hot weather comfort good mounting base for hidden armor. Available Sizes are NATO XL (180 Height/104 Chest) and XXL (190 Height/112 Chest)

baldric - image copyright 2005 THM, used with permission


DVA Armor Repair Kits - $8

Double snap pouch holds 20 feet of lacing, a knife attached to a neck lanyard, and a butane lighter to sear knots and make lacing tips.


Armor Sets    Armor Parts    Helms   Swords   Shields   Belts   Misc

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